Things I Hate #3: Finding Rental Accommodation

This has been a major element of my life. My parents always rented, they got together too late in life, moved to the other side of the world, and didn’t have any savings, so their best option was to rent properties.

The big issue with rentals is instability, knowing you may have to move with the end of each rental contract. If the owner wants to move in to the property, sell it or let a family member lodge there, it means you’ve got to find somewhere else to go.



Finding rental properties online, following up with agents to find out if there are inspections, going to them, filling out the applications, and waiting to hear back. All part of the misery of applying for rentals.

Probably the worst part is finding a place, falling in love with it, and not getting it. That happens often, occasionally you will get lucky, most of the time you will not. The demand is too great, too many people, also looking for the best of the lot, your odds are low.

This is what my partner and I have been doing over the last week, trying to find a new rental, all while trying to juggle a hundred different things at once, and travelling quite the distance from our current location, to where we are looking.

Hopefully it will all be worthwhile, and we find a great place to call home, well until the lease is up, and another hideous search for a place is necessary.