The Ploy 122: Taxing Times

A brand new show for you this week, Ben is on a trip to the Gold Coast, but manages to join us at the start of the show for a chat, and this week there is plenty to talk about.

From Obama’s appearance at The White House Correspondents Dinner making jokes at others expense, especially our favourite directed at Jay Leno, to Conan O’Brien’s interview on 60 Minutes, finally breaking his silence.

Ben helps us understand the Henry Tax Review and how Rudd’s plans will effect us and businesses across Australia. Mike and Paul revisit the Arizona Immigration Bill and this time manage to not have a on-air brawl. Last year Paul warned us that Swine Flu was a big ploy to sell medicine by big pharma and now come reports he may have been partly right!

All that, The Billboard Top 5 and heaps more on a packed episode of The Ploy.

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One thought on “The Ploy 122: Taxing Times”

  1. LUCKY gal and what gorgeous peicurts, made me want to be there. I’m doing this later this week, completely unplugging. I can’t wait. ENJOY EVERY LITTLE MOMENT my friend. xoxoKir recently posted..

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