The Ploy 123: Butt Out

It’s a mothers day post show, what did the team do for their mummies? The shocking gifts will be revealed.

Catherine Deveny was fired from the newspaper ‘The Age’ for offensive comments she made on Twitter, were her comments out of line?

Victoria is further tightening anti-smoking laws but are they going too far? Paul thinks so, I sense a debate brewing.

Ben’s observations of the week is back with news about Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber and Christina Aguilera and Tech with Ben focuses on the latest news about Australia’s National Broadband Network.

Plus Paul reviews the HBO film ‘You Don’t Know Jack’ about the infamous Dr. Jack Kevorkian played by Al Pacino, the film raises questions about euthanasia – should it be legal?

All that and heaps more on a shiny new episode, it’s easy as 123.

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2 thoughts on “The Ploy 123: Butt Out”

  1. What makes this controversy even more cntinernatsog is the fact that in Oregon, aid-in-dying accounts for .02% of all deaths. That 2 hundreds of one percent! In a state where the option is legal and has been for many years and most people support it, still only a tiny percentage make the choice. So why does anyone seek to prevent those few people from making such a choice if that is what they want and no one else is harmed? It’s clear that no one is being coerced, no one is being made to feel that they should die sooner than they wish, and no one is trying to expand the pool of the eligible to include people who are not imminently terminal. It’s also clear that the institutions that object do so on strictly religious grounds. In a country where we cherish religious freedom, I hope people can see this controversy for what it is a small minority seeking to impose their strictly religious beliefs on the rest of us who do not share those beliefs.

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