The Ploy 132: Let’s Make a Deal

Online Dating
Online Dating

Dating websites – do they work? Mike, Paul and special guest-host Kristen Miller all signed up and we have the results! Are the hosts compatible? Who answered Yes to not wanting to date outside their race? Plus Kristen rates the guys on looks, watchout!

Australia finally has a Government! Ben joins us to chat about Prime Minister Julia Gillard getting the numbers to form a new Government. But how long will it last?

President Obama has finally come out swinging, saying Republicans are ‘treating him like a dog’. We have the audio and host reactions.

Paul reviews the new Jessica Alba flick “Machete” and Kristen updates us on the latest Hollywood Gossip.

Plus Australian Olympic Gold Medalist Stephanie Rice has got into hot water with homophobic slurs on Twitter, and now a sponsor has dropped her.

All that and so much more! Don’t forget to fill in our yearly survey and tell us what you think of the show!

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